Whether you're preparing to be a parent - or you're a friend of an expectant couple - new life is always cause for celebration!

There are nurseries to prepare, showers to plan, and diapers to start hoarding! In addition to all of the wonderful, memorable moments that you're about to experience, I would love to create something intimate, tangible, and unique for you to remember this occasion!


I write and record unique lullabies that rhythmically spell a newborn's name.


Morse Lullaby is a process by which I 1) take a newborn's name, 2) translate the letters into morse code, 3) use those dots and dashes to create rhythmic melodies, and 4) create and record a beautiful lullaby that is 100% unique to the newborn baby.

From the meticulously crafted music - all the way to the hand-lettered portrait - Morse Lullaby is far more than just a piece of music. It is sentimental. It is intimate. It is thoughtful. It is unique. And it is a gift that the newborn will cherish for his/her entire life long! 

Morse Lullaby
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Using the name of your newborn son/daughter, niece/nephew, grandson/granddaughter, etc.. -- I will use my morse music method to write and record a custom, one-of-a-kind lullaby that encodes his/her specific name inside of it.

Morse Lullaby is the thoughtful, sentimental, life-long-lasting gift for your upcoming addition to the family! I'd be honored to be a part of the special occasion!


Thumb drive containing audio track of lullaby

5x7 Hand-Lettered portrait of newborn's name and music written out

5x7 Frame

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The perfect gift to receive from

Parent - Aunt/Uncle - Grandparent - Friend of family


Audio Examples




Harper’s lullaby is the most special gift we could have ever thought of. We play it every morning for her, and she adores it! Her picture is hanging above her crib! It will be something that she can keep for the rest of her life! The fact that the lullaby actually spells her name out makes it all-the-more special. We LOVE it!
— JJ & Dannielle

Morse Lullaby composed a beautiful lullaby using the name of our soon-to-be daughter. I love that she’ll have something that is unique to her and I can’t wait for her to hear it. It’s such a personal gift that she’ll be able to cherish for years to come!
— Linden & Elissa
The Morse Lullaby that Zack wrote for our Abby Grace is phenomenal. It’s such a beautiful piece of music, and it’s a one-of-a-kind gift. It was the ONLY thing that would keep her calm this morning. It’s obvious that she adores it, and we know that she’ll love it just as much when she’s grown up.
— Brian & Amanda

Our daughter, Chloe, is such a special part of our lives, and her personalized Morse Lullaby fits her perfectly! It is special and unique, just like her, and it’s a piece of music that is all her own. It’s the perfect lullaby for her at bedtime, and an incredible and beautiful keepsake for her to always remember and cherish. Thank you, Zack!
— Kyle & Angela


Morse lullaby explained

Here's a short explainer video showing you how I'm able to put a name into a piece of music using Morse Code.